Bairnsdale is the thriving commercial centre of East Gippsland.

Visiting town?

Drop into the Bairnsdale Visitor Information Centre at 240 Main Street, right next door to the iconic St. Mary’s church.

Business Directory

All businesses located in Bairnsdale and district are listed here. You’re sure to find everything you need.

Bairnsdale Gift cards

Click here for more information on where to buy and use the cards, or how to register your business.

What’s On

Visit our page to view current events and links to social networks which cover a range of events. There is something for everyone.

The Chamber

The Bairnsdale Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the representative body for businesses in Bairnsdale and district.

East Gippsland Shire

Bairnsdale is part of the East Gippsland Shire, which covers 21,051 km², extending all the way to the NSW Border.

Join the Chamber now and have your say on the future business development of Bairnsdale.

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